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The Wandering Path 


Due to changes in listings and even this webhost provider, the webstore and other pages have been taken offline. 

Please contact via email or Facebook message to inquire about available items. Please note: Our 7+ year oil supplier has made changes that we are not comfortable with and will no longer be ordering any more from them. All available oils that are in our stock are all that we have left. Thank you. 

We apologize for the inconvenience.  

As we wander through life, we find ourselves on different paths. A search for happiness, health, peace, inspiration... Whatever your path, please contact us if you have an item you are searching for and we will do our best to locate it.

We hope you find something here that will help you on your journey through life. Our webstore is stocked with selected herbal blends, hand blended lotions mixes and a variety of items that may help a variety of health conditions.

Local residents and visitors can book private sessions to aid in oil/herbal healing/scent choice education; meditation; stress reduction; divination or other needs. Please see "Services" webpage for choices!

Blessings on your Wandering Path!

Make sure to check our Facebook, Instagram & Wordpress for product highlights including information on items/ingredients & how they may help you! 

Don't be scared to ask us questions either! 

Pinterest now has an artist section where you can buy their work & all $$ goes to them! Supporting Expression & paying it forward!

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Please contact us if you have product requests or a story to share.  

 Product Requests or new ideas: [email protected]

Share your Story with us: [email protected]

Query to the Staff: [email protected]

NorthwestFlorida Locals: [email protected]

We hope to see you again! Check back regularly for new updates to our website and offerings in the WebStore. There's much more to come! As you order and share we can expand our choices for you! Don't forget to check out the Social Media pages where we do try to provide updates on what we are up to and provide a bit of inspiration. Please post comments or questions on there and we will see it and respond. There is also the "Tell Us" page if you prefer to leave your feedback or requests that way.

Avoid the shipping charge and time delay. Local delivery is available for NW Florida locals. Delivery will usually occur as items arrive; are completed; and as soon as possible. Notification via email or Message is typically sent if contact information has been provided. See our Local Service page for details.

Selected Herbal Blends, Vitamins and Teas

Personal selection of herbal blends, vitamins and teas

Local & Worldly Exploration

Goods and items to expand horizons or to just have a bit of a fun!

Pursuit of Self

Variety of items to bring about focus and calm..and maybe a bit of inspiration

Thank you for visiting!