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The Wandering Path 

The Wandering Path - A Belief in Overall Wellness

The Wandering Path was started by a Veteran who chose to try her hand at a profession that would allow her path to be more peaceful and rewarding. Her story is similar to many to include health difficulties and a previously high stress profession. After watching herself and others be worn down and worn out by all the difficulties she began to follow her own path for health and happiness.

Items that are selected come from worldwide suppliers and through your stories or requests, we will add more items as we expand. She truly still believes in service to others, just in another way, and if she and the staff can help, they will. Look through what we have and how it can help with your overall health and wellness. If we are lacking something, let us know.

Life is not all about work but also about the memories you create and those you share your life with.

Best wishes and brightest blessings on your wandering path!

Yes, I use what I sell....and these particular combinations are working to keep the colds at bay, allow for less pain, allergy control & more. See the link if you want to see more info of how & why I take these. I know it may not work for everyone but this is what is working for me! 

Why us?

We know you have a variety of choices to find your items. Our focus is on you..the customer and your personal pursuits and we offer specialized service of locating the items you have been searching for that will bring a bit of joy or relief to your life. Give us a try and see if we can help! 

If needed...before coffee & food...a glass of water and 1 - Muscle Ease mix to help unlock the body if I slept stiffly and am in major pain. 

Rise...make coffee or tea and take:

1 - JI Ease Mix

1 - Circulation Aid

1 - 'Shroom Power

1 - Clarity** (Aphrodite mix is comparable)

1 - Moringa ***

2 - Aspirin (only outside purchase)

1 - Mood 

Evening (7pm)

2 - Aspirin 

As Needed:

1 - Relax Me Powder

1 - Omega 3 (works well with Relax Me)

1 - Berry Power Powder (usually after long hike to help recovery; or in the mornings if feeling groggy)

1 - Cup of Tea (from a variety of choices)

**No longer stocked for sale due to price hike & availability.

***No longer stocked for sale due to lack of interest.