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The Wandering Path 

Web Store

Web Store

Our essential oils are our mainstay of treating our body, mind, & spirit from the outside.  Our essential oils were especially chosen due to their 100% concentrate form and the fact they are body safe. We use them personally to make healing lotions and as a much more affordable alternative to expensive perfumes & body sprays. Others are using them to make their own soaps, shampoos and more.  Our in-house creation of lotions are a hit with local customers in both the healing & smell good forms. Scent has such power to modify one's outlook, mood, & more. 

Oil Warmers are available in the traditional small candle lit variety as well as our favorite the electric lamp versions with control dials which allows you to choose the strength of light & scent and have an audible click when you turn it completely off.  We also refer to them as color therapy as you can remove a dish and use the light as a way to de-stress, energize or more based on the shapes, color reflection intensity & more.  Yes, people also use them to heat wax tarts as well. 

Please note, we only recommend topical use of essential oils....especially those in concentrate form.  We'd rather you drink a tea, eat the leaf (i.e. peppermint is yummy) or take a supplement than "ingest" an essential oil directly as the long term effects on your body may not be immediately noticable.  That is our way to approach things...we want you to feel better..not worse. 

**See our other sections for other items! We have so much it's difficult to post them under all the categories they could apply.