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The Wandering Path 

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Spell Chime Candle Options #1



Yes this is a way to conduct your rituals, spells, prayers, mediations...with a bit of a timer and they fit perfectly even on small altar tables/areas.


These adorable chime candles are perfect as their small 4 inch size and short burn time of 1-2.5 hours makes them quick and easy to use. (We have noticed that during our own usage; spells/prayers being granted burned quickly with little flame flickage and no residue left; those under consideration often flickered and burned slower with a bit of residue left in our Star if the PTB are saying "hmm gotta think on that one").


They come in many colors, so you can choose the color appropriate to the spell, event, ritual...


Exact dimensions of each candle is 4” x 0.5”.


Choices on this page are (see other listings for other color options):



  • Pomegranate
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Blue
  • Dark Purple



Our Quick Notes on uses for spells, meditations, rituals; but your uses are your own to choose/feel what is right and not all energy uses are listed:


Pomegranate (can be used for reds or pinks)is often used for bringing vitality, power, strength, courage


Black can be used for protection, grounding negative energies & more (remember black absorbs all colors so it is very useful when trying to "end" bad energies/influences being brought upon you)


Brown can be used for connecting to nature spirits. As a protection for animals/familiars or even for asking for special favors


Dark Blue is often used to enhance prophetic dreams, healing, truth, inspiration, higher wisdom, good health, understanding, psychic protection


Dark Purple has been used to aid in success in financial affairs, psychic abilities, idealism, spiritual powers and enhance energy work

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