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The Wandering Path 

Essential Oil scents. Default order size is the smallest we can get at 1/2 oz and that is recommended for personal use. Larger sizes are available at a higher cost (4 oz and 16 oz) for those that are using these oils to make their own items such as their own home-made candles. The larger sizes are a special order item as we generally do not order in this size at this time. Remember you can warm these oils as you are getting ready for a night on the town and let the scent enter your hair and clothing easily! 

The Wandering Path Essential Oil Choices currently only have few choices in stock but the supplier has so much more. Please see below for their full listing of the choices that have supplier has. You can always contact us via the Emails provided or through the Contact Form. We recommend grabbing a piece of paper to write down the ones you may want to try, the list is long. -The Wandering Path Staff.

1. African Musk - A famous blend of sweet sandalwood, patchouli, and rose notes.

2. African Rain - The powerful aroma of a tropical rainforest. Lush florals drenched in warm rain.

3. All Spice - Traditional blend of famous spices like clove, cinnamon and nutmeg. A very popular fragrance for the fall and winter months.

4. Almond - An extremely strong and true almond scent where a little goes a long way!

5. Amaretto - Famous sweet Italian Liqueur made from almonds in a light apricot base.

6. Amazing - A magical blend of nag champa with light florals.

7. Amber - Lightly sweet, earthy rich and resinous scent.

8. Amber Rose - Our Amber fragrance with a touch of saffron and rose.

9. Ambrosia - Pears, apples, peaches, berries, pineapples and coconut smothered in creamy marshmallow.

10. American Beauty Rose - Famous rich and fragrant Rose.

11. Angel Cake - A light and sweet blend of almond, vanilla and cream.

12. Angel’s Trumpet - A fragrant blend of sweet olive, magnolia and heliotrope.

13. Anise - Vibrant and aromatic plant Licorice like scent.

14. Apple - Juicy red apple.

15. Apple & Orange - A delicious blend of apples and oranges.

16. Apple Cider - Sweet and foamy apple juice with a touch of spice.

17. Apple Cinnamon - Blend.

18. Apple Pie - Sweet blend of apples, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon.

19. Autumn Harvest - Sharp blend of autumn spices and Fall florals.

20. Azalea - Spicy and sweet floral.

21. Babies Breath - Sweet light floral.

22. Baby Powder - Famous scent from our childhood.

23. Balsam Fir - Native North American tree think Christmas tree.

24. Banana Nut Bread - Sweet nutty blend of banana, nuts, vanilla, sugar and spice.

25. Banana Parfait - Delicious blend of bananas and cream.

26. Bay Rum - Spicy and sweet flavors of the Carribean rum.

27. Bayberry - A healthy nutty berry with very light florals.

28. Bergamot - Strong woody citrus scent.

29. Berries Jubille - A delicious blend of summer and winter berries.

30. Birds of Paradise - Light tropically floral scent.

31. Black Jelly Bean - Sweet licorice.

32. Black Love - Sweet and seductive blend of florals and woods.

33. Black Magic - Spellbinding mix of musk, berries and florals.

34. Black Tea - Bold and earthy blend of Darjeeling and Ceylon teas.

35. Black Violet - Vibrant and aromatic violet.

36. Blackberry Sage - A hearty blend of herbal Sage and tart Blackberry.

37. Blue Bonnet - A light mix of fall florals.

38. Blue Cedar - A famous cedar with a hint of sharp musk.

39. Blue Musk - Heavy musk.

40. Blue Nile - A light blend of nag champa, and woody musk.

41. Blueberry Cobbler - Sweet mix of berries, cream, vanilla and sugar.

42. Bob Marley - Earthy blend of cucumber and citrus.

43. Bubble Gum - Sugar Sweet with a very slight hint of berry.

44. Buttery Maple - Sweet Nutty blend of maple and sugar.

45. Candy Apple - Juicy red apple and Sweet sticky sugar.

46. Candy Cane - Famous holiday scent of Sweet Spearmint.

47. Candy Corn - Sweet Sugar Halloween/holiday candy.

48. Caramel Apple - Tart green apple and sweet caramel.

49. Caramelized Pralines - Sweet buttery blend of sugar, pralines and light spice.

50. Caribbean Fruit - Rich and Breezy mix of fresh island fruits and light florals.

51. Cedar - Sharp cedarwood scent.

52. Chamomile - Soft, light and relaxing chamomile.

53. Chartreuse - Vibrant mix of light spice and strong florals.

54. Cherry - Sweet summer fruit (bold scent).

55. Cherry Almond - Mix of Sweet almonds and delicious cherry.

56. Cherry Pie - Sweet cherries, vanilla, sugar…Yum.

57. Cherry Vanilla - Delicious blend of sweet cherries and vanilla.

58. China Musk - Famous blend of Asiatic florals (soft and sweet).

59. China Rain - Light mix of florals and fresh rain.

60. Chocolate - Sweet and satisfying milk chocolate (think Hershey).

61. Chocolate Mint - Sweet blend of Chocolate and mint (think Andy's chocolate).

62. Chocolate Raspberry - Blend of sweet chocolate and tart raspberry.

63. Cinnamon - Famously hot spice.

64. Cinnamon Bun - Deliciously sweet blend of sugar, vanilla and cinnamon.

65. Citronella Berry - A hearty blend of mixed berries and Citrus.

66. Citronella Spice - A hearty blend of citrus and spices.

67. Citrus Delight - A sharp blend of mixed citrus.

68. Citrus Spice - A mix of spices with a hint of citrus.

69. Clove - Famous Asiatic and island spice (strong and bold).

70. Coach - A blend of soft powdery florals.

71. Coco Lime - A yummy blend of sweet coconut and tart lime.

72. Coco Mango - A yummy blend of sweet coconut and aromatic mango.

73. Coconut - Sweet nutty coconut.

74. Coffee - Bold, earthy and stong scent of aromatic coffee.

75. Coffee Cake & Spice - Sugar, Spice, Coffee…Yummy.

76. Cookies & Cream - Sweet blend of sugar, cream and butter.

77. Cotton Candy - Sweet and gooey treat from the fair.

78. Cotton Clean - Fresh and clean scent of linen drying in the sun.

79. Country Meadow - Light and breezy scent of summer florals.

80. Country Spice - Sweet blend of spices with a hint of light florals.

81. Cranapple - Sweet and tart blend of apples and cranberries.

82. Cranberry - Tart and sharp scent favorite of the holiday season.

83. Cranberry Orange - A smart blend of tart cranberry and sweet orange.

84. Crème Brule - Sweet blend of sugar, cream and butter.

85. Crystal Blue - Heavy citrus with a hint of musk and leather.

86. Cucumber - Earthy, fresh and yummy.

87. Cucumber Melon - A smart blend of early cucumbers and sweet melons.

88. Cypress Grass & Mint - Earthy blend of Cypress grass and sharp mint.

89. Dragon’s Blood - Mythical blend that incorporates exotic florals, wild herbs and hot spices.

90. Egyptian Musk - Famous ancient musk.

91. English Lavender - Famous blend of lavender and rose.

92. Escada - A sweet blend of coconut, peach, orange, sandalwood and musk.

93. Escape - A sweet blend of apple, mandarin, rose and sandalwood.

94. Espresso - Bold aromatic roasted coffee.

95. Eucalyptus - Fresh and clean scent of Asian Eucalyptus.

96. Ferdous - Sweet blend of musk, sandalwood and a touch of citrus.

97. Flowering Bamboo - Sweet nutty fragrance of bamboo flowers.

98. Forest Pine - Sharp pine scents (think Christmas).

99. Frangipani - Sweet nutty fragrance of the famous South American flower.

100. Frankincense - Extract of the famous ancient resin.

101. Freesia - A bouquet of soft the soft white flower.

102. French Kiss - Sweet mix of amber, florals and fruits.

103. French Vanilla - Sweet blend of vanilla, butter and sugar.

104. Fresh Cut Grass - Strong scent of fresh green grass and light florals.

105. Fresh Ginger - Strong Scent of the famous Asiatic root with a touch of the ginger flower.

106. Fruits of the Forest - A lively blend of Citrus, berries and melons, with a hint of musk.

107. Fruit Slices - Delicious blend of Fresh berries and tart citrus.

108. Galbanum - Aromatic extract of the famous Persian plant.

109. Gardenia - World famous flower, strong, nutty and robust.

110. Ginger Peach - Sweet blend of Georgia peach and spicy ginger.

111. Gingerbread - Sweet blend of cinnamon, sugar and butter, with light touch of fruit.

112. Golf - Masculine blend of musk, sandalwood, and citrus.

113. Grape Blossoms - Spunky blend of grapes and light florals.

114. Green Apple - Fresh tart clean fragrance of the famous Granny Smith Apple.

115. Green Olive - A fresh clean aroma reminiscent of the Mediterranean.

116. Green Tea - Fresh clean and energizing scent of green tea.

117. Hansel & Gretel’s - A very tasty blend of ginger bread and fruit.

118. Hawaiian Ginger - Famous Island flower with fresh nutty scent.

119. Hawaiian Rain - An exotic mix of fresh rain and aromatic flowers.

120. Heart - Sweet, hot and spicy.

121. Heaven - A blend of fresh crisp citrus.

122. Honey Almond - A nutty and sweet blend of Honey and Almonds.

123. Honeysuckle - A fragrantly sweet and lightly nutty spring and summer flower.

124. Hugo Boss - A masculine blend of oak, cedar, mandarin, musk and amber.

125. Indian Summer - A savory blend of oak, musk, amber and light florals and spice.

126. Island Rain - An exotic mix of fresh rain and light aromatic flowers.

127. Issey Miyake - An alluring blend of lemon, verbena, moss, musk, galbanum, jasmine and cedarwood.

128. Ivory Soap - A light blend of eucaluptus, vanilla and light florals.

129. Jasmine - Famous sweet and alluring flower of the orient.

130. Jennifer Aniston - A blend of jasmine, gardenia, light citrus and greens.

131. Juicy Couture - Mandarin, watermelon, marigold, passion fruit, vanilla, patchouli, woods and rose.

132. Kitchen Bouquet - Sweet blend of florals found outside a kitchen window.

133. Kiwi-Fruit Berry - Tart, tangy and nutty fruit of the south pacific.

134. Kumquat - A mix of tart orange and bitters.

135. Lavender - Strong and fragrant scent of the most famous herb in the world.

136. Lavender Magic - A brilliant mix of lavender and light florals.

137. Lavender Rain - A fresh blend of lavender and fresh rain.

138. Lemon - Tart, tangy and zesty.

139. Lemongrass - Zesty, fresh and energizing scent of the famous root from the orient.

140. Lilac - A vibrant and energizing floral scent of spring.

141. Lily of the Valley - A spicy and nutty flower of the orient.

142. Lotus - Intoxicating and alluring flower from South East Asia.

143. Love Goddess - Light musk, lilies and light florals.

144. Love Potion No. 9 - Magical blend of florals and spice.

145. Lucky Linden Flower - A light aromatic mix of florals and greens.

146. Mac Apple - Sweet and tart Macintosh apple.

147. Magnolia - A bewitchingly sweet and nutty flower.

148. Mandarin - Famous citrus of the orient (bold and strong).

149. Mango - Sweet, tart and tangy tropical fruit.

150. Mariah Carey - Gardenia, amber, sea breeze and patchouli.

151. Melon Madness - A delicious blend of different melons.

152. Mexican Love - Hot and blend of florals, spices and herbs.

153. Michelle Obama - A mix of florals, light musk, with a touch of spice befitting a first lady.

154. Milk Thistle - A light floral and herby flower.

155. Mistletoe - A smart blend of berries and pine (think Christmas).

156. Money - A rich blend of citrus, spice, woods and greens that attract money.

157. Mulberry - A rich and tasty berry with light floral notes.

158. Musk - Rich, hearty and strong (a base for most fragrances).

159. Myrrh - A very rich and earthy herb.

160. Nag Champa - Strong and hypnotizing scent (think East Indian temples).

161. Narcissus - Dangerously alluring flower.

162. Obama - A stately blend of citrus, musk, sandalwood, and woods.

163. Obsession - A blend of citrus, vanilla, greens, sandalwood and spices.

164. Ocean Breeze - A blend of salty air mixed with light florals.

165. Orange - Famous citrus scent.

166. Orange Vanilla - A yummy blend of citrus and vanilla.

167. Oriental Amber - Amber with a touch of spice.

168. Oxygen - Light and airy with light florals.

169. Papaya - Sweet and buttery fruit of the Caribbean.

170. Passion Flower - Sweet and intoxicating blend of florals.

171. Patchouli - Famous fragrance from Africa and the Orient.

172. Peach - Sweet Georgia peach.

173. Peach Mango - A sweet and yummy blend of peach and mango.

174. Peaches & Cream - A yummy blend of peaches and sweet cream.

175. Pear berry - A sweet and tart blend of berries and peach.

176. Peppermint - Sharp, clean and energizing.

177. Pikaki Flower - Famous Hawaiian flower sweet and a little spicy.

178. Pina Colada - Delicious blend of pineapple and coconut with a touch of rum.

179. Pineapple - Delicious, tart and sweet.

180. Pink Grapefruit - Tart and sweet with a touch of citrus flowers.

181. Pink Sugar - Yummy blend of sugar, berries, and light florals.

182. Plumeria - Sweet and nutty tropical flower.

183. Polo - A masculine blend of leather, wood, tobacco and basil.

184. Pomegranate - Tart and tangy.

185. Private Collection - Exotic blend of florals blended with spices.

186. Pumpkin Pie - Yummy blend of sugar, pumpkin and cinnamon.

187. Purple Rain - Fresh rain mixed with musk and spices.

188. Rain Forest - A mix of moss, fresh greens and rain.

189. Raspberry - Tart and sharp berry.

190. Red Currant - Tart and lightly spicy berry.

191. Red Hot Mama - Mix of berries and spices with light flowers.

192. Rose - The most famous flower and scent in the world.

193. Rosemary - Fresh, clean and earthy spice.

194. Sandalwood - Famously heavy fragrant wood used in most fragrances.

195. Sea Salts - Sharp and clean with light florals (imagine the ocean with a hint of flowers).

196. Seashore - Where the sea and a cottage garden meet.

197. Seaside Cabernet - Sharp and tangy notes of a pinot noire and clean scent of the ocean.

198. Sex on the Beach - Melons, berries, and citrus with a hint of florals.

199. Spearmint - Energizing and rejuvenating scent.

200. Spicy Kitchen - A mix of spices found around the kitchen with a hint of florals.

201. Strawberries & Cream - Rich mix of tart strawberries and sweet cream.

202. Strawberry - Tart and sweet summer berry.

203. Sugar Cookie - A sweet mix of sugar, vanilla and cream.

204. Summer Nights - A mix of jasmine, magnolia, gardenia and lilac.

205. Sunday Mimosa - Yummy mix of Champagne and Orange Juice.

206. Sunflower - Nutty and bright with a hint of wood.

207. Sunset Heat - Hot blend of florals and spice.

208. Sweet Cherry - Delicious summer fruit.

209. Sweet Pea - Lightly nutty and sweet flower.

210. Tea Tree - Sharp and invigorating scent.

211. Tommy Hilfiger - Citrus, cranberry, cinnamon and apple.

212. Tropical Island - A sweet blend of tropical flowers and fruits.

213. True Love - A soft blend of water flowers, jasmine and iris.

214. Tulip - Rich and hearty floral with a touch of wood.

215. Two Hearts - Florals, citrus and herbs.

216. Vanilla - One of the most used and known flavors around the world.

217. Vanilla Bean - Hearty and nuttier scent of vanilla.

218. Vanilla Hazelnut - A rich blend of sweet vanilla and hazelnut.

219. Vienna Café - A sweet blend of cream and coffee with a touch of hazelnut.

220. Waikiki Sunset - A sweet blend of pikaki and plumeria flowers.

221. Watermelon - Deliciously sweet and fragrant summer fruit.

222. Wet & Wild - Flowers, vanilla, musk and spice.

223. White Lily Rain - Smart and nutty flower with a hint of Rain.

224. White Linen - The smell of fresh and clean laundry drying on a line.

225. White Tea - Fresh, zesty and energizing.

226. Wild Flowers - A unique blend of exotic and wild flowers.

227. Wild Green Fig - Sweet tangy and nutty fruit.

228. Wild Thing - Wildflowers, soft herbs, woods and musk.

229. Ylang-Ylang - Famous fragrant of the Orient.

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