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The Wandering Path 

Tidbits - Advice on Managing Stress

Your health and peace of mind is important. If you can't take care of yourself how can you care for others? Often there can be alternatives to treat some ailments or through reduction of stress. Here are some things to consider. Have a tip or trick of your own? Let us know: [email protected]


Acupuncture works for a great many people and the owner personally uses it to treat many aches and pains. Those needles aren't THAT big..give it a try. (A good acupuncturist will ask to see your tongue then tell you what is wrong...amazing how they "know" things just by looking at it...the owner says hers constantly yells at her for not eating enough which is completely accurate)

Get out and move at work!

Yes, we all have heard it before but it really does help. Find a spot you find beautiful or interactive. Window shopping or a short walk in the park can reduce your stress as well as calm your mind from outside sources (we've all had annoying co-workers before...). 

Have a laugh

Laughter not only burns calories it releases important "feel goods" into your system. Have a get together with good friends or even watch a comedy (Muppets are a favorite of the owner for a pick me up). 

You have to vent

If you find yourself frustrated and angry..vent it out. Physical violence on another person is not okay, but go get yourself a boxing bag or take a class that allows you to "hit" something..even chopping wood may help release that frustration and anger without it exploding on others.  

Be Creative

Self-expression is important. You can write, paint, sculpt, build, bake...and you don't have to be good at it but you need a way to express yourself. All work and no play is very very draining. 

Take time for yourself but don't isolate

We all need alone time but also interactive time. Humans are social creatures and if you become a "hermit" for too long you may not live as long. 

Aromatherapy - a way to tap into a "safe" feeling, be revived,

or express you.

Oils can also be used to treat cuts; soothe sore muscles; induce a relaxing feeling and so much more.

We stock scented candles, 100% concentrate oils that can be used on the body as well as act as money savers by using it to scent your hair & your clothes.

Our solid perfumes are a great alternative to achieve a particular scent made of natural ingredients.

The particular scents sets were chosen for their ingredients and countries of origin. 

 Find the scent that brings you or your loved one back from the brink (yes, finding a scent that reminds a person suffering from some disorders can bring them back to reality as scent is a very powerful memory cue).