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The Wandering Path 

Your Style - Jewelry & Fashion - A Way To be You!

Express Yourself - Be Who You Are Today and Every Day!

What you wear and the jewelry or handbags you choose can all help brighten your day. Whether your feeling a bit sexy and opt for your favorite shade of red or a decide on a power black, it is all your style. We tend to offer more jewelry than clothing and other fashion items but if you are looking for something specific you can let us know. 

Don't be afraid to express your style. Choose not what may be "en vogue" now but what you need to wear to feel best about yourself that day. If you are a pastel lady, then wear pastels! If you are earth tones, dark tones, light tones, it doesn't matter but how what you wear makes you feel.

 Don't forget, some things may also cause others to notice you. A shiny pendant, a soft scarf, a particular scent, the smile on your face or attitude you carry. The colors, fabrics, metals can all help you attain your mental image of what you want to accomplish that "own, live, love" your style. Check our Fashion & Pampering sections of the Webstore for items to help you express your style, from pendants, bracelets and purses to solid perfumes and essential oils! Or search for an essential oil scent that is yours and we will try to order it for minimum required for special order on these items.